Meet Latoya

Latoya Carr Jackson Owner/Operator

 Your Cost Catering & Events Decor, is owned by Latoya Carr Jackson. Latoya is from Springfield, Tn. She started her business in 2011, after helping her aunt cater & decorate weddings & other events for many years. Catering & decorating has been in the family for well over 50 years, Latoya’s grandfather was the first African American, to have his own catering truck & business in (Robertson Co) Springfield, Tn. Latoya parents catered & owned a restaurant in Springfield. Latoya has always had a passion for decorating & catering to her family & friends. One day she decided to step out on Faith & start her own business. Her first event was for City of Faith Church & City of Springfield with the Mayor being present. Latoya has done many events & love what she does.